Foodstock’s procurement principles

For us, it is important to verify the freshness, quality, product safety and sustainable production methods of raw materials. That is why we set quality criteria for our raw materials and use those criteria in our thorough material selection process. We personally know our suppliers and visit them annually to inspect the quality of the raw materials and the production method.

Successful procurement work requires our suppliers to know the key requirements set for our cooperation and to comply with our principles. This ensures the high quality of and customer satisfaction in our operations and benefits both Foodstock and our partners.

Our suppliers must comply with the applicable legislation and regulations in all their operations. In addition to ensuring quality and product safety, we request information about the environmental results of our suppliers and encourage them to use an environmental management system as well as more environmentally friendly production methods. If necessary, we also include environmental requirements and other production method-related policies in our product specifications.

Our requirements concerning social responsibility are focused on complying with national labour legislation and/or ILO agreements, depending on whichever sets the higher standards with regard to employees’ rights. We direct our social requirements at the suppliers based on a risk assessment. If we place a supplier in a risk group, we ask the supplier to provide a reliable certificate on the compliance of work standards or a self-assessment conducted according to our instructions. We also use third-party audits when we are otherwise unable to obtain reliable information.

Our major cooperating partners are Finnish companies renowned for their high quality and regulated by strict food, environmental and labour legislation in addition to relevant authoritative control.

The Finnish supply market does not cover even close to all of the raw materials used by our clients. We purchase some of our raw materials from other EU countries, the legislation and authoritative control of which primarily correspond with Finnish policies. In procurement outside the EU, we apply the food import requirements set by the EU, specifically emphasising the aforementioned environmental and social criteria.

If we discover that our supplier operates in violation of these principles, we request that the supplier implements a programme of corrective measures to ensure the benefits aimed for in our cooperation. If the supplier is unable to correct the flaws within six months, we discontinue the cooperation.