Foodstock operates reliably and sustainably

Sustainability is the foundation for all of Foodstock’s activities. The company aims to be a pioneer in sustainable procurement both in Finland and internationally. This calls for continuous development, because sustainability changes as the world and business requirements change.

Foodstock’s passion for sustainability starts from making sustainable choices, minimising emissions, improving quality and increasing the use of domestic ingredients. Sustainability also provides a strong foundation for Foodstock’s corporate culture, enabling the company to provide its customers with concrete assistance for developing the sustainability of procurement. Click here to learn more about Foodstock’s operations.

For customers, Foodstock’s sustainability translates to an even higher-quality customer experience and the capacity to make more sustainable purchases. Foodstock’s comprehensive and pioneering commitment to sustainability also enables the company’s customers to create increasingly consumer-driven and sustainable product ranges. Foodstock provides concrete assistance to customers in areas such as minimising food waste, as temperature-controlled deliveries, order monitoring and procurement that is optimised for customers help to minimise waste, which is a common problem in logistics. Another aspect of Foodstock’s sustainability efforts is that suppliers are just a phone call away. This means that the origin and stages of deliveries are known precisely, and the sustainability of operating practices can be easily verified for each customer as necessary. Foodstock also observes precisely defined sustainability principles in its operations and requires its partners to comply with the same principles with regard to the quality of ingredients, for example. All suppliers commit to complying with Foodstock’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

Sourcing principles

Foodstock ensures the freshness, quality and safety of all ingredients and products. Certain quality criteria have been set for ingredients. Products are selected for customers on a customised basis based on the quality criteria. If the customer so wishes, Foodstock can also conduct annual on-site audits of products and production methods.

Not all of the ingredients required by Foodstock’s customers can be sourced from Finland. Some ingredients are sourced from other EU countries, with legislation and supervision by the authorities largely similar to Finnish practices. In sourcing from outside the EU, Foodstock applies the relevant EU regulations on food imports and places special emphasis on Foodstock’s criteria pertaining to environmental and social sustainability, among other things.


Successful sourcing depends on suppliers being aware of the key requirements and principles set for partnerships. In all of their operations, suppliers are required to observe not only national and international laws and regulations but also Foodstock’s Supplier Code of Conduct, which encourages suppliers to use production methods that reduce adverse environmental impacts. The same Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all of Foodstock’s partners. The purpose of the Supplier Code of Conduct is to promote the realisation of good business practices, human rights, labour legislation, environmental protection and sustainability principles throughout the supply chain. No-one is left to their own devices, however. Foodstock helps its suppliers and engages in cooperation with them on various issues.

Supplier audits are conducted regularly to ensure the sustainability of operations and procurements and to keep cooperation smooth. Where necessary, Foodstock’s product specifications also include environmental requirements and other guidelines related to production methods. Successful cooperation benefits all of the parties involved!

Could your company be a Foodstock supplier?

Foodstock works with industry-leading partners. If you are interested in working with Foodstock, please submit your contact information to our electronic supplier register via this link. We look forward to working with you!

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