A reliable logistics and procurement service provider is the most important partner a franchising chain can have

“Cost efficiency, high-quality service, and high delivery reliability,” is how CEO Anssi Koivula describes the operations of Helsinki Foodstock. As the world and situations change, it is important for your business to have a reliable and sustainable logistics and procurement partner to help with your company’s daily life. In fact, your most important partner this year could be a reliable logistics and procurement service provider.

With more than 20 years of experience of providing services for chain businesses , Foodstock possesses knowledge and experience few in the industry can compete with. For a chain business, finding a partner who understands its needs and offers solutions tailored to its requirements is of the highest importance.

”Foodstock has experience with both domestic and international markets, which makes us the perfect partner for chain businesses of every size. We carefully listen to our customers and think about solutions together”, Koivula says.

A genuine partnership delivers results

Foodstock’s operations centre on the customer and on improving the customer’s business and profitability. Foodstock will review tried and tested practices with the customer and share information about topics such as sustainable procurement. Procurement decisions are always made together with the customer.

”We never leave the customer in trouble. Foodstock is a seasoned veteran of providing services for franchising operations, and we understand the value of agility and quick responses. “All our customers are important to us, and all individual situations are handled with equal care”, says Koivula.

We can take our customers literally out to sea or a field to learn about their product ingredients, or, alternatively, Foodstock can simply deliver the goods to the customer’s locations. We can help you refine your products, improve sustainability or find replacements for unsuitable ingredients. Foodstock is always eager to offer its customers the newest technological solutions. “We see it as a shared path to the future. A genuine, mutual partnership,” Koivula explains.

Foodstock is an industry trailblazer and, according to Koivula, an easy ship to pilot.

“We can offer our customers solutions to their future needs as well, and we understand the supply chain of every product, from end to end.” When thousands of deliveries are moved every week, almost anything can happen. Fortunately, Foodstock will find a solution to almost any situation.”

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