How is the logistics industry doing right now?

Can you hear me, logistics? Have you been wondering about what is going on in the logistics industry right now? Have you also had challenges with delivery times or difficulty with getting hold of suppliers? The logistics industry is currently dealing with lack of resources, sickness absences due to infectious diseases and a global component shortage.  

The logistics industry recognises these challenges, but unfortunately solving the problems has taken some time. Due to labour shortages and widespread sickness absences, the logistics industry has struggled to, for example, find drivers for vehicles. The increased price of fuel and the driver shortage then make it difficult to meet delivery schedules and deliver goods. In addition to these challenges, the global component shortage makes it difficult to acquire new vehicles and slows down maintenance.  

How has Foodstock addressed the situation? We have not been sitting twiddling our thumbs. Instead, we are facing these challenges in a solution-oriented way and with the poise of an experienced captain. As with all challenges, Foodstock immediately started paying attention to what was going on in the logistics industry. We started to tackle these challenges together with our partners and customers, as effectively as possible. 

“Working together with our partners has turned out to be the best solution in this challenging situation too. We were not able to solve global challenges by ourselves, but we have been able to ensure goods delivery and supply reliability for our customers at least at a reasonable level, even during the most difficult times,” says  Otto Puttonen, Foodstock’s Supply Chain and Development Director.

Despite all this, the overall situation has already improved, but there will surely be more individual unfortunate challenges and deviations. In all of its operations, Foodstock strives to be transparent and proactive when it comes to challenges, and to communicate with its customers about what is going on in the logistics industry. We will continue to work closely together with our partners and find solutions with them.

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